Broad Street Scientific

Broad Street Scientific

Welcome to the website of the Broad Street Scientific, NCSSM's official journal of student STEM research!

The Broad Street Scientific showcases some of the most interesting and complex math- and science-centered research projects explored by students at NCSSM. Enjoy, and thank you for visiting the website of the Broad Street Scientific!

Some Important Dates to Remember:

  • 10/13/23 - BSS Applications Due
  • 10/18/23 - BSS Editors Selected
  • 1/12/24 - BSS Paper Submission Deadline
  • 1/12/24 - BSS Essay and Photo Contest Submission Deadline
  • 1/18/24 - BSS Paper Selection Deadline
  • 2/26/24 - BSS Edits Done
  • 3/18/24 - BSS Final Layout Due

Highlights from 2023 and 2024

Feature Article: An Interview with Dr. Richard McLaughlin

Broad Street Scientific had the exclusive opportunity to interview Dr. Richard McLaughlin. Read more here.

Submissions Received

This year, we received numerous submissions to the journal. After a tough selection process, we have selected 12 papers, and one essay for this year's edition of the Broad Street Scientific. Thank you for all the submissions!

Announcing this year's BSS Essay Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Teresa Fang '25 for placing 1st in this year's BSS essay contest with "Is It Possible to Use GPS to Combat Climate Change?".

Broad Street Scientific Essay Contest

Write about an interesting and up to date scientific topic for a chance to personally interview a prominent member of the scientific community! Details can be found here.

Announcing this Year's BSS Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Charlotte Goebel '25 and Vincent Shen '25 for placing 1st in this year's BSS photo contest with "Grog (Green Frog)" and "La Fortuna Waterfall".